Undergraduate Meteorology Advising

Meteorology Majors
Please consult this webpage and fill out and save the interactive pdf form in order to chart and follow your progress toward degree completion. If you have questions regarding courses and advising, please feel free to contact me anytime via e-mail at: mbentley@niu.edu

Download Advising Form here 
This is an interactive pdf file: click on the boxes and type to fill out and then save it to your desktop. 

If you have questions concerning your schedule for the upcoming academic year, please fill out the advising form, save and attach it to an e-mail or print it out and bring with you to your advising appointment. You are required to fill out this form  in order to simplify the advising process and course scheduling.

Year-by-year course roadmap to the B.S. degree in Meteorology is located here

A Summary of Requirements for the B.S. in Meteorology
General Requirements  
    Core Competency
COMS 100
ENGL 103 & ENGL 104         -OR-    ENGL 105
MATH 101, or 155, or 201, or 206, or 210, or 211, or 229
    General Education ≥ 29 credit hours, outside major department
Humanities & Arts:    9-12 hrs  (at least 3 from VPA, 3 from LA&S)
Science & Math:        7-11 hrs
Social Science:         6- 9 hrs
Interdisciplinary:        3- 6 hrs    
    Credit Hours
≥ 120 total credit hours
≥ 40 credit hours in upper division courses (300- & 400-level)
≤ 50 credit hours in MET and GEOG
LA&S Requirements
        B.S.: 2-year sequence of math & laboratory science outside of major department   
        (average 2.0 GPA)
        Meteorology Requirements (66 credit hours, total)
        Requirements within the degree may not be waived or substituted.

NIU Undergraduate Catalog listing for the B.S. in Meteorology is located heremailto:mbentley@niu.eduAdvising_files/advisingsheet-met.pdfhttp://www.niu.edu/geog/courses/meteorology_course_sequence.shtmlhttp://catalog.niu.edu/preview_program.php?catoid=18&poid=3087&returnto=550shapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1shapeimage_1_link_2shapeimage_1_link_3